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Top Tips for School Bus Safety

– Tell students to stand at least three feet back from the curb as the bus approaches and board the bus one at a time.
– Teach students to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting off and never to walk behind the bus.
– If your student needs to cross the street after exiting the bus, he or she should walk to the front of the bus, make eye contact with the bus driver and cross when the driver indicates it’s safe. Teach students to look left, right and left again before crossing the street.
– Use handrails when boarding or exiting the bus. Be careful of straps or drawstrings that could get caught in the door.
– Drivers should always follow the speed limit and slow down in school zones and near bus stops. Remember to stay alert and look for students who may be trying to get to or from the school bus.
– Slow down and stop if you’re driving near a school bus that is flashing yellow or red lights. This means the bus is either preparing to stop (yellow) or already stopped (red) and children are getting on or off.  (Taken from Safe Kids Worldwide website.)

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