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School Supply Information


We are excited about the new year and the possibilities that it brings for your child. We want this to be a great year for all of our students. Please make sure that you reach out to the appropriate staff member if you need any assistance. School supplies is a vital part of student success. We want to make sure everyone has everything they need to be successful. With all the classes that are offered, teachers will notify students during the first few days of school of the specific supplies needed for each class. Please know that most items are up to the student to determine based on how best they stay organized and study. You can purchase some of the supplies early, but some items will be course specific that might need to be purchased after school begins.

In addition, you can help our school out by donating the items below so that we can direct other financial resources to the curriculum and instruction side of the budget.

1. A ream or two of copy paper
2. A package of AA or AAA batteries
3. A box or two of tissue
4. A package of dry erase markers

We appreciate your help in keeping calculators up and running as well as defraying the cost of copies. We will have locations at orientation check-in to collect the four items to make it as convenient as possible. Also, during the first couple of days of school, we will have drop locations in the front office and back of the school. With everyone’s help, this makes a big difference. Thank you for your help and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Stacey Moseley